Places - closed on variable always missing for Starbucks across the US

I am looking at all Starbucks across the US (I filtered the raw places data for brands equal to “Starbucks” and iso country code equal to “US”). The opened_on and closed_on variables are always missing, but obviously Starbucks branches have opened and closed… Am I doing something wrong?

You can read up on open/closed on logic here: Rich Attributes

It’s a column they’ve only started tracking in the past few years.

We exploring adding open on dates to the Dataplor POI data if you’d like to explore their data as well.

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Thanks, Evan. But Starbucks locations have closed in the past few years so shouldn’t the data capture that?

In theory, it should cover closures in the past few years. Based on how they generate their data at scale, some brands are going to be easier to track than others, some will be delayed a few months. The may eventually backfill data once they find a better resource.

Found this resource which might be helpful.