Patterns Dataset Access/Subscription

I am wondering how I can access the patterns set, as I am currently unable to. It would be wonderful if anyone could tell me how I can subscribe to this dataset.

Hi @ThomasTso, thanks for writing in. The easiest way to access this data would be to subscribe to Dewey. The SafeGraph Patterns datasets are included in a subscription along with a number of other datasets.

You can read more about that here: What comes with a Faculty or Student Subscription?

@ThomasTso, since the Patterns data has been discontinued, I don’t think there is any difference between paying for a subscription and just “purchasing” the free “Monthly Patterns - Free Historic Data” option in the marketplace:

@evan_nielsen @ThomasTso it depends a bit on what you’re looking for.

New Patterns data will be shortly be made available from a provider called Advan. That data will continue to be updated and goes back to 2019.

Also, Weekly Patterns and Neighborhood Patterns don’t have the free historic data.