Not able to get the datasets which is weekly pattern and place pattern v1 and social distancing metrics. Any help please?

Hello All, I need datasets from safegraph, I am doing replication but i am not able to get the datasets which is weekly pattern and place pattern v1 and social distancing metrices. Any help please?

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Hi @Amera_H_Al-Amery, what do you mean by ‘not able’?

Is it an error or you can’t find them?

I can not find them on safegraph website. I just found schema description but not cvs datasets. the admin asked me to join this group to get help on this

ah! do you have access to the catalog?

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Hi, is it the only datasets that we can access on SafeGraph Catalog?

I missed Social Distancing Metrics v2 not v2.1.
any help pls?

This is V2.1, I am looking for V2 because Jan 1-May 9, 2020 data is on v2.0


I need the Weekly Places Patterns (for 2020)

But When I tried for example to get another Weekly Places Patterns dataset to test my code until getting correct one. It just contain one small.cvs file

@Amera_H_Al-Amery, can you send a screen shot, I don’t understand

This is the only content of such weekly pattern dataset

How did you download the file?

but the description it should have This is an old release that ends its coverage at the week ending 2020-11-25. See Monthly Places Patterns, but aggregated and delivered weekly. USA only. Also contains: home_panel_summary, normalization_stats, and release_metadata.

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and I believe it should have many information not only one csv file.

I notice it says “contact us”

Have you not received full access yet? You should see a web option and a CLI option

Note the screen shot from above

How to get full access? I do not have CLI option on my side.

I tried one time to contact them but they did not give me anything