March Datathon Submission: St. Paddy's Top Bars, Covid Cancellations, and PersonaLive

Accompanying Notebook Link: Google Colab

March 2019, 2020, and 2021 show markedly different visitation patterns with 2 main factors contributing:

  1. Covid Onset
  2. Day of the week which St. Patrick’s day happens to fall on

First, we explore the month-wide pattern of visitation with a focus on March 17th.

In 2019, St. Patrick’s day fell on a Sunday. Saturday (the day before) therefore was a huge day for bars and restaurants in Chicago.

In 2020, the onset of Covid made for a dramatically different pattern as bar fell visitation fell throughout the month, ignoring St. Patrick’s day.

In 2021, the holiday fell on a Wednesday which likely dampened the effect of the holiday, though the Wednesday did post strong numbers (relative to other Wednesdays patterns). Additionally, COVID is still a present factor though not nearly so much as in 2020 of course. This is near the time of early vaccination rollouts.

Top St. Patrick’s Day Bars

Using % of raw visits that occurred on St. Patrick’s day in 2021, we rank these POIs as the top St. Patrick’s day bars in Chicago.

See Top 5 St. Patrick's Day Bars and Their Visitors for more.

Top Bars by Psychographic Profile

Using PersonaLive, a new psychographic segmentation by, we also rank bars for the types of visitors coming to them.

For example, bars with the wealthiest visitors:

This is measured by what % of their visitors are classified as “Ultra-Wealthy Families” by PersonaLive. The Signature Room tops this list. Here’s a map of these locations and Ultra-Wealthy Families:

Another Example, Hispanic Bars:

See St. Patrick's Day Bars Ranked By Type Of Visitor for more info.


This is a simple straightforward analysis. Most normalization didn’t seem to apply due to the fact that most normalization tables come at a state level. The micro-normalization approach explored in one of the documentation notebooks may have been useful for this analysis but was not explored here.

Another thought is that the top bars for wealthy visitors had some surprising POIs show up. The Signature Room being at the top makes a lot of sense, but Mr. Hookah for example was very surprising. Exploring what’s going on with the unexpected POI could be interesting and useful.


When a bar or restaurant uses a segmentation like PersonaLive to segment their customers, they can learn a ton about their customers. Some straightforward applications include identifying their interests, top brand visitation, top social media accounts, and interest for strong personalization and targeted marketing. Using PersonaLive you can take mobile data even further and gain context on each visit. Read more at