LobbyingData - FAQ, Citation Requirements, and External Resources

Use this thread to ask any general questions about LobbingData available via Dewey. Learn more here

For more information on their data, view LobbyingData.com’s data dictionary.


Is LobbyingData included in the Dewey Subscription?
Individuals and small research teams can purchase this product for $3,000. Department or institutional purchases start at $15,000. Please use the links below to pay to license this data or email info@deweydata.io with any questions.

What is the refresh rate for LobbyingData?
Monthly on Day 1 at 10:30 AM GMT-7, however, once purchased the dataset you receive does not receive future refreshes unless requested

Citation Requirements

Option 1:

This data was made available by LobbyingData via the Dewey Data platform. https://www.lobbyingdata.com/

Option 2:

This data was made available by LobbyingData. https://www.lobbyingdata.com/