Just wondering what the ‘backfill’ means?

Hello! So glad that the Canadian weekly patterns have already been available. Just wondering what the ‘backfill’ means? And then the directory hierarchy for the Apr 26-May 16, 2021 backfill contains ‘weekly’ and ‘test_delivery’ subdirectories. I wonder what’s the difference? Or is ‘test_delivery’ just for testing purposes? Thanks again!

Also, would like to add to my question. How come the Apr 26-May 16, 2021 data have been split into 5 parts for each week? While the rest of the data was 1 file per week? Thanks again!

Thanks for your answers Jeff! Also, when you mean by “full Canadian history”, do you mean getting a backfill of the weekly patterns data (prior to the May 2020 data)?

@Gian_Carlo_Alix_York_University Yes

Great, thanks Matthew. Do you happen to know what date this historical data begins with?

@Gian_Carlo_Alix_York_University It will be Jan 2019

Thanks for the prompt response Jeff!