It seems like the Monthly Places Patterns dataset for May-2020 is missing

Hi everyone! Sorry if this question has already been asked. I searched a bit but did not find the answer. It seems like the Monthly Places Patterns dataset for May-2020 is missing. the old dataset is until April-2020 and the new one starts from June-2020. Is the May-2020 dataset unavailable.

ah ok… thanks! Did not look in there.

Also has anyone noticed that the footfall at anyone location in any city is quite large at all hours of the night?

I am guessing this is from background noise so I am subtracting it.

Could you give some examples and maybe a screenshot/visualization?

the traffic at midnight is about 1/3rd of that at the peak hour

Thanks for the visualization! Yeah, I would guess that’s just background noise. If you’re using an old release of Patterns, there’s a chance the current release does better with the visit attribution (each release makes some improvements). If you notice specific POIs with suspicious behavior, let me know so we can document it and potentially dig into it further.

I noticed this problem universally in all location types in NYC, Seattle and Boston. (those are the only 3 cities I am studying now) I will try with the more recent releases and see how things go. Thanks!

@Ayan_Paul Okay, please let me know what you find (good or bad!). You’re welcome!

So it seems that the more recent data is cleaner. The background is about an eight of the peak which is progress. If it is useful for you I can send you some preliminary results down the line.

That’s great! There will likely always be some noise, but that seems much more reasonable. Yes, if it may be helpful if you to send results down the line. Let me know if any other questions come up!

Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face: