Issues with Advan Monthly API: Zero byte files

While I was downloading the monthly foot traffic data from ADVAN, I occasionally got zero byte files. For example when I’m downloading for May 2022, one of the files is zero byte and contains no data. In these cases, is this file supposed to contain data but didn’t download properly so do I need to download them again? I’m worried that I might be missing data. Could someone help figuring out what’s happening?

Thank you!

@yh1386 this is likely just an artifact of how the files are created since they are programmatically created depending on each individual request. It shouldn’t mean there is missing data but we’ll look into it and let you know if we find anything.

Let us know if you have reason to believe there is missing data when you work with the data.

Zero byte files are unexpected, but not necessarily indicative that you’re missing data since the files are programmatically created as Evan pointed out. You can check if you’re missing data by comparing the row count of your combined downloaded files vs the row count shown in the platform.