Issue downloading patterns dataset

Hi, I was directed here by the customer support. I downloaded a dataset “patterns”, but it looks more like the POI data only. It does not contain any info on visits statistics. So I tried to download it again, but it suggested that there was an error.

@Yu_Wang_Ryerson_University can you try the process one more time? The patterns info should be under the file patterns.csv

I only see one link - the old link for the combined POI and patterns data. I downloaded it again, and there is no “patterns.csv”. I only see “core_poi_patterns.csv” which contains the POI info but not patterns info.

I tried to “checkout” the patterns data once again, but it said there was an error.


@Yu_Wang_Ryerson_University can I see a screenshot of where you are downloading from? Are you doing the process of selecting the location and category again or using the previously downloaded data that is in your my downloads tab in the shop?


@Yu_Wang_Ryerson_University before we address the issues with the re-download of the data, may I ask what columns of the patterns data are you looking for that are missing? since you are downloading core places and patterns together data is joined together automatically as the core_poi_patterns.csv file which should contain the features that you are looking for from the patterns and the core places data.

@Pranav_Thaenraj_SafeGraph Thanks! The columns not containing values are “date_range_start date_range_end raw_visit_counts raw_visitor_counts visits_by_day visitor_home_cbgs visitor_country_of_origin distance_from_home median_dwell bucketed_dwell_times related_same_day_brand related_same_month_brand popularity_by_hour popularity_by_day device_type poi_cbg visitor_daytime_cbgs”.