Is there still a separate dataset for Neighborhood Patterns or is this all combined in the patterns dataset?

Hello, I had been accessing the data through the data catalog and have now switched to the SafeGraph Shop. However, I cannot see where the neighborhood patterns data is. Is there still a separate dataset for this or is this all combined in the patterns dataset?

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Hi ! Thanks for moving over to Shop from the Catalog. As you might have already heard, we no longer support or update the Catalog. Neighborhood Patterns is a dataset we no longer offer for free. However, academics using still get free access to Core Places, Patterns, and Geometry (by request).

Not entirely. Neighborhood Patterns are not able to be recreated completely with Patterns. Might be helpful to compare the schema/docs for Neighborhood Patterns and Monthly Patterns to get a better sense of the differences. As a possible workaround for the time being, you might check out this short guide on downloading Neighborhood Patterns via the AWS Command Line Interface from the Catalog. Neighborhood Patterns Historical + Ongoing info available towards the bottom of the document.

Of course, Laura! I’ll DM you separately to learn more about your use case. But thanks for posting these questions on help as other members will find this conversation helpful!

To prevent any further questions from being overlooked, I’ll go ahead and close this thread out. If you have any more questions or follow-up questions, we’re always here to help! Just be sure to make a new post to help, as we aren’t monitoring old threads at this time. Thanks!

Update: Neighborhood Patterns in now available on the Dewey platform!