Is there a standard reference for describing SafeGraph data?

hi, could i ask if there’s a standard reference for describing SafeGraph data? SafeGraph folk, do you have a preferred way of describing your data and how it was collected? the website is understandably a bit sparse on specifics (e.g., is the location data all from GPS, or a mix of sources, etc.) and it’d be useful to be able to include this in a paper. thank you!

there is!

thanks a lot!

oh just to check, that doc says

To enhance privacy, SafeGraph excludes census block group information if fewer than five devices visited an establishment in a month from a given census block group.”

is that still applicable to the weekly patterns dataset?

that’s a good question, I do’t know off the top of my head

let me check on that


here’s a comment from another thread: (tl;dr v2 patterns data use the same differential privacy rule) Workspace Deleted | Slack

i also want to link you to the May release notes because they address changes to the differential privacy rules:

great, thanks!