Is there a limit on academic credits?

Hi! I am working on a research project for which I need to calculate:

  • Average square footage of each POI category for every state
  • Average dwell time in each of the POI categories for every state. Ideally, I would calculate a new average for each month starting March 2020 until now.
  • Average number of visitors in each of the POI categories every state. As above, I want this average to change each month.

The data I’d need to create these averages is quite large and was estimated to cost upwards of $15M. Thus, I have a couple questions:

  • As I’m an academic, I requested to get more credits. Is a request of this magnitude realistic?
  • If not, is there any other way I could obtain these estimates? Some options would include:
  1. Using an aggregate dataset or table at the state and month level (of the sort that the Census always makes available for their survey data)
  2. Obtaining a random sample of data from across all of the US. An estimate of these averages using a random sample from each state would be more than enough.

Thank you and I’m sorry for the long question!

Hi Sofia!

Sadly, that amount isn’t. I can approve a $5 million credit as a maximum for you.

As for your other inquiry. We don’t currently offer any of the two options that you mentioned. You can try lowering your date range or focusing on specific areas of the country, but that’s completely up to you and the needs of your study.

Can you apply for the credits using this form?

Hi Joseph,

I will get samples using the $5 million credit. I really appreciate your help. As for the form, I submitted a request a few days ago but haven’t received the credits. Should I reapply or wait it out?

@Sofia_Avila you’ll soon be able to access all the SafeGraph data with a single subscription to Dewey (launching in a week!). Or you can license the individual datasets a la carte. Either of these options should be able to get you the data you need.

Stay tuned for the launch!

Hi Evan, thank you for your response! I’m not totally sure what you mean – will the data be free or will I be restricted to the 5 million in academic credits?

Instead of having the $5m credits, you’ll soon be able to pay a small academic licensing fee to access the entire dataset via Dewey. SafeGraph is sunsetting the Shop so the idea of academic credits are going away.

You can either license each dataset a la carte or subscribe to Dewey and get access to them all.

Evan, is there any chance I can have the $5m in credits in the meantime? Our project is time-sensitive and, because we’d used SafeGraph data before, we assumed we’d be able to access it again in a timely manner. We will also obtain the small academic licensing fee but that process requires the involvement of Stanford’s admin and will take some time, delaying our project even further. It would be a great deal of help if we could get those credits while the license is processed. Thank you so much!

Sofia, since this is a really large data request, there is a cost associated with delivering the data so we can’t offer that much data for free. The small subscription fee allows us to maintain the platform to support researchers. We’ll be live in two days and there is no way to access the data before then unfortunately. Feel free to reach out to me at to discuss a delayed payment option if that helps you save a few days.