Is the COVID testing data available at county level?

is the COVID testing data available at county level? Till now, I only find at state level

Hi @Tanmoy_Bhowmik_University_of_Central_Florida, I believe it is dependent on the State. For instance Georgia you can find data like THIS

If you want a good state by state resource, I recommend this site:

@Tanmoy_Bhowmik_University_of_Central_Florida We are still working to expand our coverage but we are collecting county testing data (among other things) across all counties that report it, see

If there are particular counties that you have an interest in, please reach out and we can prioritize them!

@Chase_Coleman_Valorum_Data This looks promising; do you have documentation for your data? I don’t see any on your site. Thanks!

Hi @Joe_Wasserman_RTI_International – Thanks, we’re keen to make it as useful as possible. We have some documentation under the API link (

It’s incomplete but we’re hoping to soon have a better way to figure out what data is available for different geographies (so you can search either by geography or by a variable type)

We have a (very ugly) change log that we are testing on our staging site (

Which might help some but, if you have questions (or data/geo requests), don’t hesitate to reach out

Thank you!