Is such a population normal?

Hello, I am writing to consult about the CBG population in the SafeGraph dataset, i.e., column ‘B01001e1’ of cbg_b01.csv.
On Wikipedia, it is said that the population of a CBG is typically between 600 to 3000.
However, I find that some CBGs actually have a population of more than 10,000.
For example, CBG 481576761011 has a population of 47,043, which is rather large.
I am wondering whether such a population is normal.

Thanks for any help.

@Lin_Chen_HKUST I tried reproducing your example of that CBG, but I can’t seem to find that CBG :thinking_face:

@Lin_Chen_HKUST Thank you for the screenshot. Everything I’ve found verifies that this is what the Census reports. I cross-referenced with the 2019 release, and the population estimate for that CBG (481576731011) actually grew to 58705. The margin of error (B01001m1) is around 2700.

Additionally, I checked this with SafeGraph’s home_panel_summary.number_devices_residing, and SafeGraph has between 5000 and 7000 devices living there (depending on the day). This provides some validation that there are actually way more people living in that CBG than is typical of a CBG. This is purely speculation, but it could be related to gerrymandering.

@Ryan_Kruse_MN_State Thank you for the effort of cross checking. It now makes more sense to me. :laughing: