Is anyone familiar with the Census data SafeGraph has (Open Census Data - Free Download | SafeGraph)?

Hello all. Is anyone familiar with the Census data SafeGraph has (Download Open Census Data & Neighborhood Demographics)? I downloaded the 2019 5-Year estimates one to get data on the median earnings per block groups in Marion County, IN. In the Earnings file (cbg_20.csv) I tried filtering the census-block-group column by “18097” (18 is Indiana’s FIPS code and 097 is Marion County’s FIPS code), but it says “No matches”. I think this means the data for block groups in Marion County are unavailable, but I do not know why they would be since the American Community Survey from which I believe this dataset is derived surveys the entire US. Am I filtering the data incorrectly?

@Arianna_Rambaram_Purdue_University the census_block_group column contains unique 12 digit identifiers for each cbg that correlate to their FIPS code. I believe that the code consists of the following:

I think you are missing the TRACT and the BLOCK GROUP for the cbg that you are looking for and thus when you filter the data you are finding no matches.

Hi Pranav. Thank you for getting back to me. In the midst of trying to see if what you proposed may be the issue was in fact the issue, I stumbled upon the real problem. When I filtered the data for CBGs that have “18097” in their IDs, all of the IDs in the were not expanded. Some were in scientific notation, including the ones for Marion County, IN, so that’s why they weren’t showing up. I’ve since changed the format of the IDs using Excel’s “format cells” option and now the CBGs beginning with 18097 show up. Again, thank you for looking into this for me. I’m sorry I did not realize this small issue sooner!