Introduce Yourself!

Please introduce yourself below! We’re interested to hear who you, what you are interested in, and how you plan to use Dewey and the data made available.

Hi all, my name is Eunhye and would love to learn more about SafeGraph!

Hey @Eunhye ! Thanks for joining the Community. It was great talking this morning and learning a little bit more about your research interests.

I’m excited to see how you’ll use the data. We see some common applications and research areas across our Community members. However, I haven’t seen too much in the area of social work so I’m really excited to see this new application! Are there other publications in this area that I might be overlooking? Please share any with me if you’re aware of them!

I know your dissertation looks primarily at preventative measures to create better environments for children. Wondering if it might be helpful to point you to some research done by Community members looking at childcare.

@Emma_Lee_Columbia_University and @Zachary_Parolin_Columbia_University recently had a publication titled The Care Burden during COVID-19: A National Database of Child Care Closures in the United States. Check out their work here:

Similarly, you might reference this post from @Jude_Bayham_Colorado_State_U . Jude was working on a dashboard to host data on the number of children needing childcare (based on parent work industry).

If I remember correctly, @Timea_Viragh was also looking to use SafeGraph data to study the childcare market.

Hey @Timea_Viragh ! You might know this better than I do. Are there other publications using SafeGraph or other places/mobility datasets to study child maltreatment? Could be a really interesting way to use SafeGraph data. I’d love to get @Eunhye plugged into the Community.

Hi All: I am a finance Professor. I am working on how movement of individuals influence household finance decisions. I am very interested to start collaborations.

Hi everyone! My name is Jie Wu and I’m a postgraduate student at Chongqing University. Glad to join the community!:grinning:

Hey @Bruce_Corrie_Concordia_University_St_Paul glad that Niki has put us in touch! Let me know if you want to set up a time to chat more about <|American Inequality> and how our work may overlap/areas where we can collaborate.

Hey @BALBINDER_SINGH_GILL ! Thanks so much for taking the time for onboarding today. It was great chatting and we’re very excited to have you onboard in the Community. :wave:

This is the publication that I was referencing in our conversation. <|Here is the publication> by @Taka_Yabe_Purdue , titled Quantifying the economic impact of disasters on businesses using human mobility data, that I wanted to share with you. It focuses on the effects of hurricanes on business performance. You can also check out a recording of the presentation he gave to our Community on this publication. <|Check out that recording here!> We also did a short highlight of Taka’s recent work on <|this page.>

Hey @Taka_Yabe_Purdue - for background, Balbinder is an Assistant Professor of Finance of Finance at Stevens University. He’s interested in using SafeGraph data to look at how natural disasters influence the finance decisions of both households and companies. Would love to introduce you two. Here’s his Google Scholar page:

Hey @BALBINDER_SINGH_GILL - this paper by @Taka_Yabe_Purdue is a must read for your research. Be sure to drop any questions for Taka here or reach out to him directly.

I’d also love to connect you with a few other members in the Community also interested in looking at the effects of natural disasters. @Kunal_Sachdeva is also an Assistant Professor of Finance at Rice University. Last time we talked, he was interested in using SafeGraph data to look at how natural disasters influence price gouging. Kunal - are you still working on this project? Can you share more specifics with Balbinder if you still are?

Hey @Prerna_Ranjan_KPMG ! Thanks for joining the Community. Lots of data scientists to connect with in this Community! Feel free to take a look around and let me know if there’s anything you want to learn more about!

Hi y’all: (1) I’m currently working on state tax revenue and visits to tax preparation locations. (2) I miss a local pie shop here in SL.

Hi everyone!

  1. I’m working with Placekey and some election data to find insights around two questions: who voted and what method did they use to vote?
  2. I’m sorely missing The China Buffet in Mankato, MN.

Hi all! Thank you for supporting our initiative. (1) I’m currently working on understanding public emotional reactions to covid 19. (2) I’m really missing these tacos from a place I like in Chelsea market NY!

@Monique_Domingo_University_of_Connecticut Los Tacos #1? If so I love that place!

I just found out yesterday this awesome pizza place that I loved in Utah closed during 2020. Now I have to head up to Idaho to get it.

Hey @Ashkan Nice to meet you and welcome to the community. Is there anything you are hoping to do with the COVID19 model?

Welcome, @Rich_Aguilar_Pole_Star_Space_Applications!

I’m curious to learn more about maritime applications of remote sensing data. What kind of data contributes to that library? Does it come from a lot of satellite imagery?

Hi Ryan, thanks for reaching out.

Yes, primarily most of the data is being captured by satellites from transponders located on various vessels.

What of work are you currently focused on with MN State?

Very cool, excited to have you here. What are you hoping to gain from the community?

I recently finished a Masters in Data Science from MN State—now I help out as a Community Data Scientist here. I’ve also been doing a few mini research projects related to the 2020 US General Election.

Hi @QIULI_SU_Louisiana_State_Univerisity! Good luck on your faculty position applications! Are you working on any research right now (or have you in the past) with SafeGraph’s data?