Inconsistent files for WP


I am downloading the Weekly PAtterns files and I have noticed that there are missing files for some weeks (and some weeks are missing entirely).

Currently, I do not see any patterns files for three weeks September and I do not consistently see the home_panel_summary.csv and normalization.csv files across weeks.

Do others have this issue too? Is there a plan to resolve this problem?


Thanks @Martin_Andersen_UNC_Greensboro, this is a known issue that we’re currently working to resolve. There are two things we’re fixing, 1) the recent files haven’t been updating properly, 2) we’re going to align the folder structure of the data with the dates the data represents, not the dates the data was released. We think this one time fix will set us up better to scale in the future but might require some users to rework how they access the data.

Thanks for your patience, we plan to email all impacted users with an update once this is resolved.

thank you!

@Martin_Andersen_UNC_Greensboro can you check and see if these are working as expected?

These WP files look great!

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