I'm having trouble joining the social distancing metrics

Apologies if this has been answered before - I’m having trouble joining the social distancing metrics to the OpenCensus data in ArcGIS Pro. I imported the JSON as a shapefile and I have the Social Distancing metrics downloaded, but it seems that the census block group information doesn’t match. Am I missing something?

Hi @Drew_Merrill_Tufts_University, would you mind going into detail as to what your end goal is? what exactly isnt matching?

yes, so i’m trying to map the social distancing data from dates in the past, say April 1st. The social distancing data is in csv format and doesn’t appear to have geodata attached. normally, i would join the data as a table to Arcgis, but when I try the join with the census block group numbers as the primary key from both tables, it only brings over null values. if i search the social distancing data for one of the block group IDs from the open census data it, it cannot find it.

Thanks @Drew_Merrill_Tufts_University, ill try to recreate this on my end and get back to you asap!

thanks so much!

Hi @Drew_Merrill_Tufts_University,

While I am troubleshooting on my end, would you mind checking that you imported your CBGs as strings rather than integers?

just saw this. checking now. im pretty sure they were integers but let me double check.

if ArcGIS decides it wants to open back up

No rush!

ah it looks as though they are text

So they are being imported as strings not ints correct?

On both*

on the cbg they’re string but im pretty sure i converted the social distancing metric block group to ints before importing it into arc. double checking again.

Ok. Everything should be strings for the comparison

okay 'll try it again.

Keep me posted!

will do, thanks!

Also, if that doesnt seem to be the issue can you send me some screenshots? I dont have arcgis so i am troubleshooting in python. Screen shots might help

that was the problem, got it to work

thanks so much!