I'm also logged in to the safegraph shop but can't seem to download the data. Any tips?

Hi there, I’m also logged in to the safegraph shop but can’t seem to download the data. Any tips?

Hey @Joan_Casey_Columbia_University_Mailman_School_of_Public_Heal can you explain the issue? is it requiring you to pay for the data?

No–I just don’t see an option to download at all. I also don’t seem to have an access key.

would you be able to provide a screenshot? @Joan_Casey_Columbia_University_Mailman_School_of_Public_Heal

That is not Shop. Please fill out this form and you should be able to access Shop.

ok–i think filled out this paperwork before. what is the shop link?

ok i’m in!

Is the social distancing data available here?

Nope, we stopped supporting Social Distancing.

One thing to note is that Weekly Patterns is a better way to understand distancing. Weekly Patterns continues to be maintained so ongoing updates. You can see to which places people are going (not just whether they are leaving their homes). This provides greater insights than Social Distancing Metrics especially as people move around more.

But, no daily data are available?


ok, thanks

hopefully last question: choose data is greyed out… any thoughts?

you need a value in either of the 3 fields for you to be able to Choose data

that was easy, thanks!


@Saumil_Shah_SafeGraph one related question. Where can I access Weekly Pattern data? I only see Pattern data in the Shop. Is Pattern data the Weekly data you have referred to?