I wonder what is the difference between *weekly patterns* and *weekly patterns backfill?

Hi everyone! I wonder what is the difference between weekly patterns and weekly patterns backfill?

weekly patterns is generated each week and every ~6mo we re-generate all weekly patterns back to 2018 using a newer version of core and geometry, which is what we call the backfill

Thank you Francisco! I just wonder whether they are alternative complementary to each other? If we want to do data analysis, which data will be better?

the newest backfill is better and it is more consistent

Thank you for your quick reply! Our concerns are:

  1. there is no 2018 data in the “patterns” folder (only one week) but it seems like the “patterns backfill” has complete 2018 data? is this correct?
  2. if yes, is the data for 2018 reliable as it is generated later?
  1. yes
  2. yes :smile:
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Thank you so much Franscisco! :smile: