I was wondering if the SafeGraph POI data includes the National Parks in the US?

I was wondering if the SafeGraph POI data includes the NAtional Parks in the US. I looked through what I thought was the relevant NAISC codes and even tried the look for specific parks but no luck.

Hi @Michael_Conlin_Michigan_State_University, the POI data should have National Parks listed! Would you mind sharing the NAICS code you are checking as well as the park so I can check on my end?

I suggest looking at the places geometries for the locations of the park. The sgid for Rocky Mountain National Park is a small building in the middle of Estes Park. I am working off of an older core places file, so this may have been fixed.

Thanks Jack and Jude. The NAISC code I checked in the core files was 712190. I then looked thru the location names and could not find a couple of National Parks so I gave up. I looked for a grad student at MSU who is trying to estimate a demand system for National Parks and National Monuments in the US. I just had him look over the National Parks list and some location names are different from what I expected. He thinks there is information on the 60 National Parks under 712190 but not the ~80 National Monuments. I guess my question is now - how does he find the safegraph_place_id for the monuments?

Jude, your example about Rocky Mountain National Park and Estes Park makes me wonder if this should be accounted for in the analysis. Basically, the grad student has the detailed survey information obtained from the National Parks, along with daily attendance numbers. He is interested in estimating some type of demand system for the parks and monuments. Any ideas/thoughts what is the best way to use this data to do that? Thanks.