I pushed the changes for the read functions with the new dtype parameter

<!here> I pushed the changes for the read functions with the new dtype parameter. I would appreciate if anyone could take a look over it before I merge it, even though it is pretty simple, I dont want to merge something and break it.

New project: write tests for safegraph_py

@Ryan_Fox_Squire_SafeGraph, what do you mean by write tests?

@Jack_Lindsay_Kraken1 Maybe testing that you can write to a csv? I could also use some more clarification

@Jack_Lindsay_Kraken1 @Brian_Blakely_BGSU

I mean we should write, eg, unit tests for every function so that we can automatically test that the code is not accidentally broken everytime we merge in a new PR

There are different frameworks and libraries for writing tests, I don’t have a lot of direct experience.



But ideally the tests would be easy to fun manually during development and also we could eventually set it up so that the tests are rub automatically anytime a PR is opened to confirm the new merge will not break any existing functionality.

Writing good tests is itself an art and this is really a software development project not a data science project, but it is a very good skill to have.

Thanks @Ryan_Fox_Squire_SafeGraph, I’ll look into it

@Jack_Lindsay_Kraken1 thanks. No need to work over the holiday weekend, we can pick this up on Tues or later in this week.