How to know if my university is subscribed to Dewey in order to access SafeGraph Data?

I wonder how to know my university is subscribed to Dewey in order to access SafeGraph Data?

I am a little confused about the transition from Safegraph to Dewey. It looks like me and my students have to be subscribed in order to use data for academic purposes. How to know if my university is subscribed? If my university is not subscribed, what should I do?

Thank you.

You’ll be notified by Dewey and/or your University if they’ve subscribed. If you’re from a subscribing institution and login to Dewey, you’d also see the SafeGraph datasets available for free.

If your University is not subscribed, you’ll be able to purchase or subscribe to the data that you need on the Dewey platform directly. These datasets are made available at prices exclusive to academics.

If you’re interested in helping Dewey get in touch with your University to subscribe, you can use this Form

Thank you.

In this form, it requires filling University contact which says “Please provide the email of the admin at your school responsible for negotiating data contracts”.

I wonder who that contact should be? I am in Texas A&M University.

It’s usually someone within your University or department library who is responsible for helping with data or research services. The often are part of the business school library. Ex. Your Business Librarians

I have talked with the university contact of the library, they are asking if there will be cost Involved in the subscription? They said they have no funding for recurring payment.

There is a cost associated with a University subscription.

I’d love to learn more about your use case. Please reach out to me ( so I can understand how your students are currently using the data.