How to get updated patterns data for September 2021?

Hi everybody, quick question: I am in the process of getting the patterns data from the new safegraph store ( and was wondering how it will work to get updated patterns data? For now, the data goes up until Aug 2021. How will getting Sep 2021 work? Just another file link to download I assume?

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Hey ! Great question. In Shop under My Downloads, previous data downloads won’t update automatically. In your example, you would have to initiate another download through Shop for September 2021 data. However, depending on your use case, it might be helpful use our Places API if you’ll be pulling data on a regular cadence. Certainly happy to get you in touch with folks from our end if you need additional assistance or have any questions about our Places API. Let us know!

Happy to help - thank you for the question! To prevent any further questions from being overlooked, I’ll go ahead and close this thread out. If you have any more questions or follow-up questions, we’re always here to help! Just be sure to make a new post to help, as we aren’t monitoring old threads at this time. Thanks!