How others are handling their monthly data ingest and updates?

Hi SafeGraph Community! I am curious to learn how others are handling their monthly data ingest and updates - what are peoples process to track updates in the most recent releases and making changes to their database?

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Ohhh interesting point! Might be good to pull some power users from the Community on this.

@Mohsen_Bahrami_MIT any thoughts on this? I know you’re frequently pulling data from the Catalog.

@J_Hathaway you might have some good input on this? Especially with the volumes of data you’re working with.

@Kate_Schertz_University_of_Chicago do you have any suggestions for Steve?

@Christian_Gunning_University_of_Georgia any feedback for Steve on this?

Looping in a few others that might have input:

@Yang_Wang_Temple_University I know you’re a heavy AWS CLI user. Thought of you when Steve posted this question.

@Aaron_Yelowitz_University_of_Kentucky are you still pulling frequently for some of your Texas work we’ve previously discussed? you might have some thoughts that Steve might find valuable.

@Charisse_Madlock_Brown_University_of_Tennessee_Health_Scienc I thought you might be a good person to comment on this too. Any thoughts are appreciated!

@Steve_Lee we don’t use any automated method for this, but manually check for updates monthly through the Catalog.

I also don’t have an automated process. My analyses are all based on historical data so I pulled the July backfill using Cloudberry to access the AWS bucket.

I am just starting down this element of the journey. I will most likely be asking @Steve_Lee his thoughts in January…

I’m using a shell script that does aws sync once a week for all the relevant folders and then processing this data using some python codes tailored for my usage.