How is a trip defined in the variable "bucketed_distance_traveled" in Social Distancing Metrics?


I am seeking technical assistance regarding how a variable is defined in the Social Distancing Metrics Dataset.
I understand the dataset has been unavailable for almost years so any help is appreciated.

In the Docs provided by Safegraph (Social Distancing Metrics),
the variable “bucketed_distance_traveled” is defined as “Key is range of meters (from geohash-7 of home) and value is device count. If a device made multiple trips, we use the median distance for the device”.

Could anyone let me know how is a “trip” is defined here?
Is it similar to a visit defined in the Pattern dataset?

For example,
if one took a round trip (conceptually) and stayed in a coffee shop for less than 4 minutes (e.g. drive through for a cup of coffee), is this considered 1 single trip?
If one took a round trip and stayed in 2 POIs for more than 10 minutes, is this considered 1 single trip or 3 trips (home - POI1, POI1 - POI2, POI2 - home)?

Any comments are highly appreciated.


As you know, this product was discontinued a while ago and is no longer supported. I can’t be sure but I imagine because the column is meant to measure distance from home, it is meant to measure a trip as the distance from the home area, regardless of stops. So if it starts and ends at home, it should be a single trip, regardless of the stops.

Thank you so much for the reply!