How does SafeGraph source Spend dataset?

Hi, I am Tay and working on Spend data analysis for academic purpose.

This post was very useful to deepen my understanding on SafeGraph.

However it does not cover sourcing process of Spend Data. Can anyone describe how the data is collected? I assume that most of transaction might be collected via card payment system whilst still wondering the reason why major brand stores (e.g., Starbucks, McDonalds’) which are usually equipped with credit/debt card payment system at POS are covered in limited proportion.(I found the number of respective Starbucks stores in 2019 dataset takes appx 50% of total store counts in the U.S. then)

Many thanks

Hi @bigleeth - we hosted the SafeGraph Spend PM for a seminar a few months back. This should help clarify any questions regarding Spend sourcing: Deep Dive into SafeGraph Places and Spend

Hi @evan-barry-dewey - many thanks for your response!