How does multiplying the number of the raw visit counts with visitor_home_cbgsdoes lead to visits by CBG?

Hey everyone, I’m working on obtaining visits by cbg, but I’m a little confused on the documentation. There’s visitor_home_cbgs, and the documentation says that’s the number of associated visitors. I believe the documentation says that to then get the visits by CBG, we multiply the the number by the raw visit counts. How does that lead to visits by CBG?

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Hey @Alexander_Audet_American_Enterprise_Institute ! Just to clarify, you want to multiply by the average visits/visitor (raw_visit_counts divided by raw_visitor_counts) as an approximation. You do not multiply by just the raw_visit_counts.

Ah, thank you! So by extension, would I multiply the associated visitors by cbg by the raw visit counts?

The multiplication is where I’m confused. How does that produce the visits by cbg?

Also, where does the average come from?

Thanks for the clarification! I see what you’re getting to. The column visitor_home_cbgs looks at number of visitors, not visits, from census block groups. When you divide raw_visit_counts by raw_visitor_counts , it gives you the amount of visits per visitor. Thus, when you multiply that value by visitor_home_cbgs it gives you an approximation of visits from that CBG.

Okay, so the function is (raw_visit_counts / raw_visitor_counts) * visitors_per_cbg = visits_by_cbg ?

Thanks Niki, especially for the quick response

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