How do I get historical patterns data?

Hi a basic question from a new user. I am interested in historical daily visits to a set of POIs. So I match my CSV file and then add the Patterns file and select Monthly time period = “All time (January 1 , 2018 to date).” But in the file I get only data for the most recent month (September 2021): core_poi-patterns-sgpid.csv. Is there a way to get the older data as well?

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Hey @Koleman_Strumpf ! Thanks for flagging this. It shouldn’t be anything wrong you’re doing on your end. Looks like a bug with Match where it’ll give you the previous month of data. I’ve notified our team and will see what we can do to get you this data manually. I’ll circle back with you on this!

Thanks Niki much appreciated any help on this would be most appreciated

Wanted to check if there is any update on this. I still cannot get older data

Hey @Koleman_Strumpf - thanks for checking. Confirmed there is a bug with this currently. If your file can be shared, I’m happy to get the data for you manually. Unfortunately, turnaround may be longer than going through Shop obviously.

So sorry for the trouble

Thanks for letting me know Niki. Do you know when this might be fixed? And is there the same issue with the API?

Timeline for a fix is still a little up in the air. Issue should not be happening on the Places API if you want to try it through the API instead.