Hi All - does anyone know if theres a collection of US Zipcode level covid cases?

Hi All - does anyone know if theres a collection of US Zipcode level covid cases?

Hi @Dhruv, I stumbled across this dataset the other day that does it by FIPS

you can use the FIPS to cross reference if need be

in case FIPS is new

The ZIP Code field identifies one ZIP code which lies at least partially within the boundaries of the county identified by the County Name field. … The County FIPS Code is a 5-digit field containing a unique numeric identification assigned to each county in a given state by the US government.

you can get the FIPS in CBG

the issue is a single county like new york

can have many zips - with lots of variety

so if some zips have worse covid situations than others, the NYT dataset wouldnt capture it right?

I see.

this is a breakdown of the FIPS. Does it need to be more granular than this?


If it is city by city it will be easier to find. For instance - NYC (LINK)

right i was hoping to get this country-level

it seems noone has aggregated the sources

I guess so. Sorry I couldnt be of more help

We have Arizona maps at the zip code level. Such maps are very useful: Arizona Map — EndCoronavirus.org

The only zip code data I’ve seen has been released by select US states, I haven’t seen it aggregated anywhere. @Olga_Buchel_NECSI are you aware of any? I talked to someone looking for a project and suggested they do this… so perhaps it will be coming soon. FIPS codes are hierarchical, and finer-grained geographic units (such as census block group) are built on them and sometimes informally referred to as FIPS codes. this is a useful reference Understanding Geographic Identifiers (GEOIDs)

I am only aware of two states that have zip code level data :New York and Arizona. I am not even sure I can get for the entire NY or AR. IN Arizona tribal data in the north was not available. In NY, I found so far the NYC data. @Joe_Wasserman_RTI_International do you know any other states that have zip-code data. I would be very interested to get the time series data from zip codes. I would like to do something similar to what we have been doing with the US Counties: US County-Level Map — EndCoronavirus.org

@Olga_Buchel_NECSI there are definitely others as well, off the top of my head I think IL, NM, and NC… i found them just by googling, last i checked there were < 10 states with zip data, and most of them don’t make it very accessible

I know how hard it was to get the zip code level data from Arizona. The web site lets you get only data for a single day. But how one can analyse have the data for one day?

Agreed. They don’t advertise it, but historical Illinois data are conveniently available as a JSON file–including demographic breakdowns! https://www.dph.illinois.gov/sitefiles/COVIDZip.json