Here is our second data pipeline release of Kuwala. This time for OpenStreetMap POIs

Hi Folks, here is our second data pipeline release of Kuwala :tada: This time for OpenStreetMap POIs. We parse the original .osm files and create objects with categories, building footprints, addresses and contact details.
Just like the population pipeline, you can easily try it out on your local machine and start the parsing and downloading over a CLI. Then you can run your own local API server and have radius and GeoJSON queries. :nerd_face:
Make sure to check it out :point_right::skin-tone-4:
This one will have a lot of issues you can get your hands dirty with. We’ll add more over the next days. Please reach out with any feedback, issues or devasting critics! Open Source can only grow with feedback and new contributors :slightly_smiling_face: :heart:

prettying interesting. cc @Bryan_SafeGraph @ross_epstein_safegraph