Help, about the closed date in poi data


I want to konw details about the closed date related to the restaurants. But when I browsed the global poi data in safegraph, I found there are so less data about this data field. More specifically, there are no real data on closed date about these poi.

Good catch. I think we’re having a issue with how these columns are loaded. We’re working on a fix and the data will be updates at the next refresh.

This has been updated

I am hesitant to subscribe to the Global Places data in safegraph because of the many NA values. So if this is just the display problem, I am willing to subscribe it.

are you sure this is just the data display problem?

These are the counts of the various attributes from the latest Places release. To clarify, count_unique in this case would mean the number of unique values (so unique “dates” in this case) captured in the dataset.

You can read more about their summary statistics here and see the trends of these values: Places Summary Statistics

So, this data will have many real value in closed_on field? Product Package - Dewey (

Yes. You can read more about how they build this attribute on their docs: Rich Attributes