Having some issues downloading Canadian Patterns data. Can anyone help?

Having some issues downloading Canadian Patterns data; I’m able to add the data to my cart, but the record count doesn’t update, nor am I able to check out.

Error message: There was an error processing your order. Please try again. If the problem repeats, please email us at support@safegraph.com and we’ll help you out.

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Hey @David_Wang ! You won’t be able to purchase Canada Patterns as it’s not available in Shop until the end of this month. That’s why you’re seeing that error. Hope that clarifies things!

My bad then :slight_smile: I’ll give this a try next month — looking forward to digging into this data set

Not sure if you’ve played around with the Places API. But you can pull Weekly Patterns (which includes Canada) through the Places API if you want to get ahead of the release!

Thanks David! To prevent any further questions from being overlooked, I’ll go ahead and close this thread out. If you have any more questions or follow-up questions, we’re always here to help! Just be sure to make a new post to help, as we aren’t monitoring old threads at this time. Thanks!