Have a question about visit_panel_summary csv file, and particularly the num_unique_visitors

I am looking at the visit_panel_summary csv file, and particularly the num_unique_visitors. I have a dataset of 10-15 zip codes around the Bozeman, Montana Area, for March 2019. It states that in this month, for ALL origin Regions there was 1.2 Billion num_visits, and 48 Million num_unique_visitors. I am sure that I am just misinterpreting this data but it seems grossly inaccurate. Especially the unique visitor counts, I would assume that the total number of visits would be very large, because that is just the sum of all visits to any poi, for the entire month. But wouldn’t the Unique visitors column just be the total sum count of every unique individual that visited a poi during the time period? What is my interpretation missing? Because I very much doubt that 48 million individuals visited an area with only about 100,000 locals in one month, a month that is a tourism shoulder season.

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Hey @Henry_Adams - keep in mind that files in the Panel Overview Data (home_panel_summary.csv, visit_panel_summary.csv, normalization_stats.csv) always contains data from all regions, not those specific to your download. It’s just easier to provide the file for every region rather than cut it up for only Montana.

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