Has anyone managed to import/append the weekly patterns data in Stata?

Hi, given the massive size of the data, I am hoping to get a sense of what other Stata users have (successfully) tried in Stata - has anyone managed to import/append the weekly patterns data in Stata (if so, how long did it take?). Are there any ways to filter the data (e.g., restrict to just one state) before importing/appending all the csv files?

I have not actually worked with SafeGraph data in Stata myself, but I have worked with large CSVs in Stata in the past. Unfortunately, CSV load-in speed is pretty slow in Stata, and import delimited does not have a keep option.

What it does have, though, are rowrange() and colrange(). If it’s choking on the full file, then I’d recommend finding the number of rows in the data, limiting colrange() to be just what you need, and then constructing a foreach loop to load in the rows a few hundred thousand at a time. Once you’ve loaded in a chunk, use keep to filter to your states of interest, and append the results together. For example:

    import delimited using file.csv, rowrange(`rr')

    * create state variable from poi_cbg here
    keep if state == 8

    if "`rr'" != "1:100000" {
        append using compiled_data.dta
    save compiled_data.dta, replace

thank you! I have been trying something similar to this, but thinking of switching to R :crossed_fingers: will share an update if I try anything creative in Stata.