Grocery Store Foot Traffic Issues - Aldi, December spike

Hello. I am having two issues with grabbing grocery store foot traffic from monthly patterns (naics_code 445110)

  1. There is a very large spike in foot traffic in December 2021. This might not even be an issue, but it is significant enough I wanted to draw attention to it.
  2. I am grabbing location_name and brand_name, but ALDI’s brand_name switches to “Hofer” in December 2021. It is ALDI for all other months.

My query:

poi.placekey as placekey,
FIRST(poi.street_address) as street_address,
FIRST( as city,
FIRST(poi.postal_code) as postal_code,
FIRST( as state_name,
FIRST(poi.location_name) as location_name,
FIRST(brand.brand_name) as brand_name,
wp.date_range_start::date as month,
SUM(wp.raw_visit_counts) as total_visits
FROM safegraph_monthly_patterns wp
JOIN safegraph_core_poi poi
ON wp.placekey = poi.placekey
JOIN state_fips fips
ON SUB-STRING(wp.poi_cbg, 0, 2) = fips.fips
JOIN safegraph_brand_info brand
ON wp.safegraph_brand_ids = brand.safegraph_brand_id AND poi.safegraph_brand_ids = brand.safegraph_brand_id
WHERE poi.naics_code = '445110'

Hey @adam.marrs - thanks for flagging these. At first glance, the foot traffic does seem high but in line with what I expect around the holidays. Will dig in a little further and share this feedback with our team. With regards to the Hofer brand, I will submit that to our team for correction. Generally, if approved, those changes tend to be included in our monthly updates.

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