Get all weekly patterns for a brand


I am attempting to get all weekly patterns data for a particular brand from when safegraph started tracking such data. I am using, but I keep getting 408 errors when I try to query large amounts of data. I attempt to increase the maximum # of results, but I am still getting errors or when it does load I don’t get as many results as I was expecting. Any help would be appreciated!
dates = {‘date_range_start’: ‘2018-01-01’, ‘date_range_end’: ‘2022-04-11’} this is the date range I am using

‘TimeoutError’ object has no attribute ‘code’
this is one of the main errors I get. Thank you!

Hi Henry,

It looks like you may be using the Python library that has been deprecated running on v1 of the API. API requests should be run directly from the GraphQL endpoint. The API is best used for pulling down a limited number of rows to use in a live application (ex. 4 weeks worth of data for a single POI).

For large data requests, it would be best to request that data through our data shop where it can asynchronously make large requests and deliver a csv.


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