For the patterns data do sampled mobile devices from 2018 change over time?

Hi, , I’m a PhD student from University at Buffalo. I’m processing the pattern data of 2018. I’m wondering that do sampled mobile devices from 2018 have been changing over time?Thanks!

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Hey ! It’s certainly possible that the devices captured in our panel change over time. We source our panel from partner mobile apps, who collect opt-in location data from their users. If a device is not in our panel, the device either does not use one of the apps, does not use one of them frequently enough to collect meaningful foot traffic signals, or did not opt-in to location sharing.

Hey Ryan - thanks for the follow-up. They may change slightly over time.

We don’t as it shouldn’t cause much, if any, disruption to our data. However, it sounds like you might be interested in our Release Notes. These are monthly updates on what has been added/removed from our data and will also highlight any unusual things we might have noticed. Check them out here.

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