February Datathon submission: Visits variation by hour,dwell time patterns, effect of valentines day on visits and comparision of distance from home


  • Florist generally have higher traffic during early mornings and late evenings while jewelry stores have higher visits during daytime due to the nature of purchase, on an average Jewelry stores had 10% higher traffic during 9 am to 5 pm every year during month on feb
  • people travel more to visit jewelry stores as compared to florist, average distance_from_home for jewelry stores is nearly 20% higher than florist,
    visitors of nearly 35% of jewelry stores have median home distance greater than 13km as compared to only 20% of florist
  • dwell time for jewelry stores is higher as compared to florist as generally Purchasing jewelry takes more time than flower also Jewelry stores had slightly higher percent of visits with more than 10mins as dwell time as compared to florist
  • percent of visitors to florist on valentines day were slightly more than jewelry stores every year

Link to colab notebook

colab notebook