February Datathon Submission: Daily Visits & Top Categories of Same-day Visit to Florists and Jewelry Stores

Main Challenge: Identifying interesting trends of Florists and Jewelry Stores in Los Angeles during the month of February.


  • Compare daily visits of Florists and Jewelry Stores across 2019, 2020 and 2021 to see if there is a COVID-impact on consumer behaviors.
  • Identify top categories that consumers usually go to within the same day of visiting Florists and Jewelry Stores so marketers can create more personalized promotions for each consumer group.

Methodology: Use SafeGraph’s core_poi_patterns and brand_info files. Codes in Google Colab

Results & Implications:

  • Visits in 2021 were significantly lower than visits in 2019 and 2020. This could be due to the impact of COVID that people had to stay home and could not celebrate Valentine’s Day on restaurants or other places. Furthermore, number of visits to Florists were more volatile than number of visits to Jewelry Stores in February, which suggested that Jewelry Stores could expect more stable customer volumes because of its higher price point.
  • Customers usually go to restaurants or other eating places (Starbucks, McDonald’s) when visiting Florists while they tend to stay in the mall when shopping for jewelries. Marketers can offer coupons/discounts based on these findings to attract more customers coming to their stores. For example: floral shops can give drink discounts in Starbucks or reward points that can be redeemed in gas stations.

Limitations: My coding skill is very limited so these code lines were not fully clean and optimized. With much more room for improvement, I will make changes to them gradually and find more interesting patterns.

Google Colab code
Data folder

Here are the links. Please let me know if you have trouble accessing them.