Doubts on SP Data 2022

I’m analyzing the “Spend-Aggregated Transaction Data” of 2020-2022 and I found a weird situation. It seems that in November and December 2022 the total spend decreases a lot compared with the previous month and the previous trend.

I checked also the number of distinct POIs available, and seems they are decreasing as well.

I do not find an explanation of this, and I just want to be sure the data I have are correct or if I’m missing something.

Did you do any normalization across the transaction panel summary file? I believe there was a bit of supply drop during this timeframe (and into 2023) so just a count of total spend is going to be very dependent on the panel size fluctuations.
cc @ryank

Hi Evan. The figure has a bias on November and December 2022, I’ve missed some rows that now are increasing the histograms, but the drop after October 2022 remains evident, even if I have not normalized them in any ways.