Does SafeGraph provide POI’s for parks or other public spaces?

Hey quick question. Does SafeGraph provide POI’s for parks or other public spaces?

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We do! Parks would fall under NAICS code 712190 - Nature Parks and Other Similar Institutions . Any other types of other POIs that you’re looking for? Might be able to point you to the relevant NAICS codes.

That’s perfect actually. Does that include libraries or town halls? Also, this is unrelated, but in product-feedback I posted about timestamps to better enable year-over-year comparisons. When there’s time, could you take a look at that post? It’d be great to know if SG are already has a feature that I’m describing

Those would be a different NAICS code:
• 519120 - Libraries and Archives
• 921110 - Executive Offices
Have you checked out the NAICS association site? It’s really helpful way to see what types of locations fall under each NAICS code. Here’s the link:

I did see that post! Thanks so much for the feedback. I believe our VP of Product chimed in. We’ll pick up that conversation over there!

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