Does SafeGraph offer any resources containing zip code dyadic mobility data?

Hi, does SafeGraph offer any resources containing zip code dyadic mobility data?

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Thanks! could you create a ticket for Product?

Hi - hope you’ve been doing well since our onboarding call. I’ve notified our Product team on this, and we’ll get back to you soon with more details. Thanks!

Thank you!

Hi , I’m not super familiar with the implementation of zip code dyad fixed effects regression - but it sounds like you want to include some independent variables in your model which represent mobility information encoded between zip code pairs - is that right?

If so, Neighborhood Patterns has mobility information between CBG pairs, so zip code pair information would be contained in it but you would have to aggregate up from CBG to zip codes. We have a few resources for this in our Data Science Github Repo (GitHub - SafeGraphInc/awesome-safegraph-datascience: A community-supported list of awesome data science resources relevant to SafeGraph data - search “zip”), written in Python and in R specifically.

Thank you very much for this. Might we be able to chat anytime before 1pm EST in the next couple days with a couple of my teammates?

Monday at 11:30 am CT or Tuesday at 9:30 would be best, if that’s possible. Just want to clear up a couple questions before moving forward.

Hey ! Unfortunately we don’t do in-person technical support. I would encourage you to continue asking questions here and hopefully someone can answer your questions!

Thanks Saumil. I spoke with Niki over Zoom a couple weeks ago and he was immensely helpful, but was hoping to ask some clarifying questions.

Hey Zach – unfortunately we don’t have anyone who can hop on a call with you. Is there something you are still unclear about it or do you feel like we are not sufficiently answering your question?