Does anyone know why there are so many zero visits for schools?

Hi All,

 Does anyone have experience using the school's monthly pattern? I am working on a project that looks at the impact of flood events on daily school visits, then I found that there are many zero visits in schools even in the weekday and non-summer seasons. I also matched the location name with the list of public schools in Common Core of Data and limit the POIs to high schools, but still find many zero visits over the weekday and regular semesters. I know Safegraph can only collect cellphone information from people above certain ages (15 years old and above?), but why do I still see many zero visits for high schools? Please let me know if anyone has thoughts on this. Thanks!

@Emma_Lee_Columbia_University or @Etienne_Lale_University_of_Quebec_at_Montreal do you have any thoughts on this? I know you’ve use the SafeGraph data for a lot of school related research.