Differences in Home Panel Summary

Hi, I am summarizing number_devices_residing per week for the state of NC. I downloaded the home-summary data last May and got summarized values per week for NC. This week, I re-downloaded all the home-summary-panel data from SafeGraph Shop, re-summarized it and got different values. Is there any change made for home-summary panel data?

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Hi @Jueyu_Wang_UNC_Chapel_Hill - the size of our panel may change over time. However, if you’re looking at a previous time range (i.e., March 2020 in NC), number_devices_residing should not differ based on when you pulled that data from the SafeGraph Shop.

I am not sure that I understand it. I pulled the data from s3 last year and this week I pulled that data from the SafeGraph Shop. there are differences between these two numbers. for example, I got 736,196 number of devices residing in the week of 2020-01-06 from s3 while I got 739, 447 from Safegraph Shop this week. Is that correct that the home-summary panel is stored together with “weekly pattern data” in the SafeGraph Shop?

Can you share the home panel summary you’re looking at?

I uploaded two files. One shows the location in shop I requested the data. Part1-Part20 are weekly pattern. Part21-part62 are home-summary. I combined the home panel csv and uploaded as attached

Thank you!

Hi Jueyu - thanks for the information. Checked with our team, and I was actually wrong on my first comment. When we do a backfill the numbers in the home panel summary are restated so the small discrepancy makes sense. I’m guessing you downloaded first from the Catalog before July 2021 which is when we did our last backfill.