Dataset Search Help

*Hello I am trying to find daily retail footfall/sales data. I want to quantify effect of weather on retail sales. Please help me out!

Hi @rohit.deshmukh. SafeGraph only provides foot traffic data aggregated on weekly and monthly levels. For details on what data SafeGraph offers please see the shop.

Hi @Hayden_Mort yes , weekly aggregated data will also be useful for me. I went to Safegraph shop and found the data. I emailed on for data access. Is this the standard procedure? What else i can do to access?

@rohit.deshmukh Our system did not recognize your academic email address. You should now have academic access. Please note we have a credit limit of $15k. If you need more for non-commercial purposes you can request more. See here for how.

Thanks for the guidance. Can you tell me how i can download the dataset? I don’t see any option there. How to purchase using credit limit?

@rohit.deshmukh You can download the datasets from our shop.

I am not able to use the credits. The data i want to download is worth $10k.
It is still asking me to add card details and pay. Can you check if I have academic access yet?

@rohit.deshmukh Can you log out and back into the shop? You should have academic access.