Dataset not be available on the SafeGraph Shop: what procedure should I follow to have access to it?

For a research project, I would like to use data from your Neighborhood Patterns database (Neighborhood Patterns | SafeGraph Docs), giving information on footfall at the CBG level. However, this dataset seems to not be available on the SafeGraph shop: what procedure should I follow to have access to it?
Thank you very much!

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Hi Thanks for reaching out! We are looking into it and will get back to you once we have an answer.

Hi ! Appreciate the question. While our Patterns dataset is free to academics, Neighborhood Patterns is only available by purchase. If that’s something you’re interested, please let me know! Happy to get you in touch with someone from our team. Thanks!

Thank you! That would be great!

Great! Going to introduce you to - he’ll be able to give you more info about Neighborhood Patterns

To both - let me know how I can help!

Hi ! Hope you were able to learn more about our Neighborhood Patterns product. To avoid any follow-up questions from being overlooked, I’ll go ahead and close this thread out. If you have additional questions, be sure to start a new thread on safegraphdata, as we aren’t monitoring old threads. Thanks!