Dataset downloading issue


I am a newbie to safegraph and python. And I am conducting a study to use one of the datasets.

I have used the code provided on there, and I am trying to download or visualize all the data. However, due to my lack of experience in python and safegraph, I wonder if there is any tutorial or help I can use.

Thank you

Hi @yssy1998 – Thanks for joining the community.

If you just need to download the data I recommend you search by NAICS code in the shop.

Once the data is downloaded I recommend these three tutorials:

  1. This starter notebook to help you learn more about core places and the types of questions you can answer with the data.
  2. A Python Quickstart Guide to help you quickly get value out of the data. Please note this guide assumes an introductory level understanding of Python and Pandas
  3. If you are interested in creating maps I recommend this guide to quickly start visualizing SafeGraph Data