Data quality and uncertainty

Hi, I wonder if SafeGraph provides data of the measures for data quality (e.g., Margion of Error, Coeffcient of Variation) across the U.S.? If yes, what level is the measure data?

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Hi @KANGLIN_CHEN_University_of_Florida and welcome to the Dewey community!

SafeGraph publishes a number of ways to evaluate the accuracy of their data. You can find those resources here: Evaluating SafeGraph Data | SafeGraph Docs

This older blog series also deep dives into things like sampling bias and accuracy: SafeGraph’s Data on Brick-And-Mortar Customer Demographics Is the Most Accurate and Comprehensive in the World

Thank you Evan. I guess we can only compute the margin of error or coefficient of variation based on the provided sampling panel data, correct?

Correct. Since these are implied values based on a variety of ML techniques, there is not a source of truth to compare against.