Data issues - Department stores


I purchased data in the Georgia area and was reviewing the entries in each category. I noticed that in Department Stores ( 452210) there are missing entries, namely Walmarts, while stores like Target are in the dataset.

Many Walmarts are in the area but aren’t included. Any thoughts on why or if it was categorized differently?


Hi @ken - thanks for reaching out, and welcome to the SafeGraph Community!

Walmart Supercenters fall under NAICS code, 452319 - All Other General Merchandise Stores, whereas Target is classified under 452210 - Department Stores. Does that answer your question?

It does but there were other problems I noticed in the raw data from the website that the following items were included in Department Stores category:

  • Alpharetta Department of Public Safety
  • Atlanta Fire Rescue Department
  • Cherokee County Road Department
  • Johns Creek Fire Department
  • Georgia Department of Community Health

Let me know if you need the place keys for this.

Thanks for sharing those POIs. Likely an error where some POIs with ‘Department’ are getting incorrectly classified as Department Stores. I’ll look into this and submit these to our team to be corrected. Certainly let me know if you see others and we will get those corrected.

OK awesome. I’ll wait for your reply on this.

Hey @ken - just circling back to this. I submitted this correction to our Product team and will keep you in the loop as it gets approved and updated. Thanks again for reaching out.